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Poems by Julie 2

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Julie's poems are inspirational
She writes from the heart
Julie is a deep believer in Christ
We are very pleased to have her poems here

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Lie beneath the stars
See the awesome view.
The sky does reach to heaven
Through the gorgeous blue.

Feel the morning dew
Underneath your feet.
When the sun awakes
The earth in time will heat.

The heavens and the stars,
The oceans and the land,
God's splendor is superb
Magnificent and grand.

In size, I'm but a speck.
The most important part.
A Soul to give God praise.
A Soul in Jesus' heart.

Julie E. Smith©

Who Am I

Who am I? some wonder.
I don't know myself.
I look in the mirror,
My mask on the shelf.

Things I hold dear,
Do they reveal who I see?
My thoughts and my feelings
Are they a picture of me?

My purpose in life,
His truth will unfold.
I am His disciple.
My life He does hold.

I guess it don't matter
If I understand;
As long as, in life
I hold on His hand.

I guess who I am
Is who I hold dear.
My life is in Christ.
He does make that clear.

Only Christ holds the answer.
Only He has a clue.
My life, He did make
With a purpose, He drew.

Who I am by myself
I'm not quite the same;
Who I am in Christ
Is the life I proclaim.

Julie E. Smith

God calls me to honor,
Respect and obey.
It shows of my witness,
His life, to convey.

He says I'm his child.
Do show and proclaim;
That Christ is the Lord.
My life wears His name.

He gives to me comfort,
My hurts to be healed.
His word it does say,
His saints, they are sealed.

A seal with His name.
A seal with His might.
Forever He knows me;
My life in His sight.

A seal of approval;
My Lord, doth He give.
To those who do love Him.
In Christ, I do live.

Julie E. Smith©
I see so much corruption
by both parties, I wonder if there is a lesser of the two evils.

Political Position

The position, being democratic
Are so liberal, it's vile.
They opt to kill our babies.
They do it with a smile.

The position, being republican
Despise the poor with needs.
Their pockets lined with theft,
God does know their deeds.

The evil, lobby with pay.
Bribery, to pass decree.
With power, evil stands
Offensive, in front of Thee.

The lesser of the evils,
My heart it won't accept.
They do not bow to God.
His laws, they haven't kept.

To be our brothers keeper.
In prayer for our foe.
To love the unborn child.
God's laws, do you know?

Julie E. Smith©
But know that the LORD hath set apart him that is godly for himself: 
the LORD will hear when I call unto him. Psalm 4:3

Set Apart

Some people think, I'm fanatic.
Some people think, Jesus freak.
I'm proud of the names I carry.
I don't mind turning my cheek.

I don't follow the ways of the world.
My friends, they don't understand.
In life I am set apart.
A stranger in a foreign land.

My peers, do seek to do evil.
Their walk and their talk is crude.
The world accepts the profane,
Offensive, indecent and lewd.

I'd rather be considered a freak,
Knowing I'm not nasty and vile.
I will not bow to their pressure.
I want to live Jesus style.

Julie E. Smith©
Mark 2:17 They that are whole 
have no need of the physician, 
but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

A Perpetrator's Clone

My friend, he was caught.
His sin was exposed.
He's paying the price
The law has imposed.

I think and I know
As he lives in jail:
His life as a child
Society did fail.

Abused as a child,
Molested, alone,
Now he's a man
His future unknown.

Oh Lord, I do ask,
With tears, I do plea.
His sin you would take.
His soul to be free.

Julie E. Smith©
  That there should be no schism in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honored, all the members rejoice with it. 1 Corinthians 12: 25-26

I have never seen a church where this is practiced, it is preached but not practiced.

Body Dismembered

Irreconcilable differences,
No harmony, no accord,
No agreement and no compromise:
The Body of the Lord.

Some members are disheartened.
Some members are dismayed.
The body lacking unity.
Some of them have strayed.

I wonder who will gather
The sheep that went away.
I wonder who will care.
I wonder who will pay.

Each and every member;
Ones who didn't roam,
Assemble and collect
Bid them to come home.

Julie E. Smith

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