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Poems by Julie 1

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Julie's poems are inspirational 
She writes from the heart
Julie is a deep believer in Christ
We are very pleased to have her poems here

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My Guide

Renewed is my spirit.
Restored is my strength.
Joyful, my faith
Responsive my heart
Redeemed is my hope
Gone is all fear
Christ has all power
To me it is clear
He speaks in the morning
At noon and at night:
Hold on to my hand
With me you can fight.
You can overcome
With me: to abide,
With grace and with mercy
Let me be your guide.

Julie E. Smith©

Looks Deceiving

Come as you are;
This is what I hear.
My clothes are in tatters
To them: I appear.

The impression one gives
By Looks; Can deceive.
God looks to the heart,
Only He does perceive.

One looks to the cover
When judging a book.
Appearance observed,
Value overlooked.

To see of the fruits
In wisdom, will show:
The value, the worth,
My soul do you know?

Julie E. Smith©
I have held the hand of the dying. Often times I'm at a loss for words but my thoughts of Jesus and His love for mankind always bring me peace.

My Lease

Death can be scary.
We fear the unknown
I think and I wonder
I pray to be shown.

When I? I wonder;
The last breath to be drawn
Will I know His peace
My fear to be gone?

Will death be a door,
My soul will walk through?
A light to my soul?
My soul to be new?

I pray to the Lord,
My thoughts to have peace.
Life's but a moment.
Christ holds my lease.

Julie E. Smith©
Each name of Jesus is an attribute of His Love. This poem is a reminder of who God is.    


He's Master, He's Savior,
He's Father, He's Lord,
He's King, He's Divine,
The Protector, The Adored.

He's Jehovah, The Provider.
The Messiah, The One.
The Mediator, The Mighty,
The Only Begotten Son.

He's Shepard, He's Creator,
He's Judge, He's Right,
The Redeemer, He's Holy
The Chosen, The Light.

He's Alpha, The Omega,
The Beginning, The End,
The Truth, The Life,
The Lamb: He's my Friend.

Julie E. Smith©
Question of creed and who is the Jew and does adoption make one of the lineage of Christ? If God is no respecter of persons, why are some chosen and others not? It is questions that I ponder that inspire my poetry.

Created Equal

Equal in His sight
All colors, every race.
We're made in His image.
Showered by His grace.

We all are quite different
In looks and in size.
His love is the same,
To some a surprise.

The Jew and the Gentile,
The white and the black
Not one more important,
His love doesn't lack.

He favors the one
Who's love does proclaim;
That Jesus is Savior,
No doubt and no shame.

Do not be ashamed
Of color nor creed.
In Christ were united.
We are of one breed.

Julie E. Smith©
In Need

Oh Jesus, this I pray
With tears, I do plead:
That you keep me from straying,
That your will; I would heed.

Let your word, to me, speak.
Give me wisdom in knowing;
That the life I do live
That the path I am going

Is the path of your word
I do now concede;
With your mercy and peace
With your word I will feed.

Let your word be a river
Keep my heart overflowing.
In need of your guidance.
I need to keep growing.

Julie E. Smith©

This was the first poem I had ever written. It is amazing how circumstances in ones life can bring about so much doubt. When I wrote this I had been attending church regularly. Hidden beneath a smile no one knew the turmoil inside.

To Whom It May Concern

Weary is my spirit.
Despondent are my thoughts.
Depraved is my heart.
Robbed is my hope.
Broken is my trust.
Lost is my faith.
Distorted is my peace.
Abandoned is my love.
Fabricated is my joy.
Concealed is my face,
A mask I do wear.
Who really knows me?
Who really cares?

A Perishing Life
A Lost Soul

Julie E. Smith
At one time I was plagued with nightmares of the past. Which brought about question as to the existence of the silent God I prayed to as a kid.

Salvation Assured?

Weak is my strength.
Unheard, my requests.
Ambiguous, my intentions.
Inadequate, my works.
Void of existence.
Fearful, my dreams.
Blind is my sight;
My plight it might seem.
My soul is in mourning.
Unknowing my fate.
Standing before Him;
It being too late?

Julie E. Smith
Sometimes, the only God the lost can see is the One who lives in you.

A Worthless Soul?

She's just another junkie.
Of no use to the throne.
Just a waste of time,
Worthless to be shown.

Your time is too important;
For the likes of her.
Forget about her soul.
Her heart not one can stir.

Do not cast a pearl.
A junkie is a swine.
She is not a branch
Belonging to the Vine.

Does it really matter;
Only one soul to lose?
Did you show God's love,
When asking her to choose?

Knowing your too busy.
Wondering who will care.
She doubts the love of God;
Seeing it nowhere.

Julie E. Smith

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